Design trends

The Glamour Of Art Deco

Art deco is often flashy and gilded to reflect the times. Therefore, adding some reflective surfaces to your home is the first step in attaining the art deco style. You can add actual mirrors, mirrored stick-on laminate, or just opt for shiny dishware and fruit bowls.

In addition to a specific host of colours and textures, art deco style is all about geometry. Bold and sumptuous geometric patterns featuring black or dark green and gold will give your home the perfect art deco backdrop.

Since art deco style rose to popularity in the 20s and 30s, simply including items from this era is a no brainer approach to achieving the art deco look you want. Head to your local antiques shop or search around online for obscure art that originated from this era.

Interestingly, much of the art deco look is actually inspired by the aesthetics of ancient civilizations. In fact, many iconic elements of art deco design simply remake these old motifs in new colours and materials.

If you love a lot of plush fluff and frills in your home, art deco style probably isn’t for you. That’s because this look is notoriously all about looking sleek and shiny.