Tips for Decorative Pillows

  • Incorporate a wide variety of pillow sizes on couches and beds.
    As with most home decor, group pillows in odd numbers (we prefer 3’s & 5’s)
  • Switch pillows from room to room around your home for a “fresh” look without a new price-tag.
  • Only buy pillows that you absolutely LOVE; don’t just buy to buy. If you wait for a pillow you really love, rather than just settling with what’s in stock or available, you’ll tend to use it for a lot longer and will continue to love it every time you look at it, which is way better than always looking at that pillow and wishing you never bought it.
  • Choose pillows that fit your style… no one else’s! Buy pillows that fit YOUR style, even if that style is different than what’s the most pinned. You’re the one that has to cuddle up with it at the end of the day… be proud!
  • When you find the perfect pillow combinations, do NOT forget the most important part – – kicking up your feet up, cozying up on that adorable couch & enjoying all of your new fluffy friends!